A young girl discovers that a single hug can spread happiness to every living thing in the universe, reversing the contagion of crankiness that began in her family.

Change the World.

one child at a time… one hug at a time…

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When TIPPI discovers that the grumpy-growly-scowly bad mood that began in her family has spread across the globe, she vows to reverse it. See how a single hug brings her sunny-yummy-sweet-as-honey good mood to every living thing in the universe.

American author Donna Ellen Conrad’s sweeping and playfully poetic tale reveals how we are all connected and how every act of kindness (or crankiness) can reverberate through our world.

Balinese illustrator Monez Gusmang delivers rich and enchanting art on every page, inviting readers of all ages to look at the infinite ways our moods and spirits are contagious.

From opposite ends of the earth, author and illustrator have merged talents and cultures to share a positive message of global reach:

No child and no gesture of caring is too small to change the world.


If you love the book and want our children to live in a kinder world, please share through “word of mouse.” We would be tremendously appreciative.  Make Tippi sticky and download the cover below, or share the amazon link.

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Conrad imbues language with so much play and bounce, it veritably trampolines off the tongue, and illustrator Monez Gusmang’s richly-detailed illustrations possess sink-into-us appeal. This border-crossing book is a triumphant synthesis of word and text, offering a resounding truth that fits no less than the entire world. You’ll want to share it with everyone you love.

— SHELLEY LEEDAHL, author of THE BONE TALKER and other books.

Donna Ellen Conrad’s How I Sent My Hug Around the World is everything you want a children’s picture book to be a unique and engaging story with a universal and timeless life lesson, a delightful main character any child can relate to, lyrical language that is a joy to read aloud, and captivating illustrations.

— COLLEEN SELL – Author, Excerpted from GRAND magazine.  

What a gift to the world this book is. When I read it, I thought of the hundreds of school children I photograph each day and how one little person can turn things around for me with a smile or a thank you.  HOW I SENT MY HUG AROUND THE WORLD helps me understand how simple it really is to be pure and loving like children, without fear, with only love elevating the energy all around us.  Thank you, Donna.

— SHERYL LANZEL, photographer


    Donna Ellen Conrad is a multi-genre author with literary roots in poetry (MA Brown University). She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and finalist for both the Andre Dubus Award for Short Fiction and the Concordia SLS Literary Prize. Her book, SEE YOU SOON MOON (Knopf) has won several awards, including Child Magazine and Barnes and Noble’s “Best Children’s Books of the Year.” She is the author and designer of the book, HOW I SENT MY HUG AROUND THE WORLD. Donna lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a cinematographer – a bike ride away from her children.

      MONEZ GUSMANGIllistrator

      Monez Gusmang is an illustrator and pattern designer. Inspired by fables and folk tales, Monez combines elements of traditional hand-drawn illustration with digital illustration techniques to create art with an organic feel. His work has been exhibited in Asia, Africa, and North America. Monez lives in Bali, Indonesia with his wife and son.

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