Don't take my word for it...

Conrad is gifted as a dramatic/visual storyteller. With great command of technique, she writes about subjects closest to her heart. Conrad has an original and authentic voice that deserves to be heard.”  

TOM RICKMAN – writer/director

“Donna Conrad works the funny bone with a sassy, fresh voice that has at its heart the delicate language of intimacy. Conrad is talented in many genres, from children’s books to essays, to long and short fiction, and brings a delicious wit and wisdom to each form.”


“Donna Conrad’s books are fresh and daring. They speak to us all through endearing, idiosyncratic characters who move us through life and love with humor.”


“Donna Conrad has a lyrical voice, the depth of a poet, and the skill of a master marksman. Readers will follow her characters willingly.”


Donna Ellen Conrad’s book, HOW I SENT MY HUG AROUND THE WORLD, is everything you want a children’s book to be, a unique and engaging story with a universal and timeless life lesson, a delightful main character any child can relate to, lyrical language that is a joy to read aloud, and captivating illustrations.”  

Excerpted from GRAND magazine.  COLLEEN SELL – Author 

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